Our new machine polishing course

The Autoglym Machine Polishing Course has been developed for anyone who would like to learn how to machine polish as a beginner, or as a starter that needs a bit more guidance. Our course provides a unique opportunity to get completely hands on with rotary and dual action polishers on an entire car. This course is about real-life experiences on real paint.

 The course is a one day course with no more than 4 delegates on a course at one time and comes with the support from two of our Technical Services Specialists, making sure there’s the opportunity to feel safe, guided and you can ask as many questions as they like.

The course will encompass the safe methodolgy and practicalities of all processes involved in the clear coat rectification, showing how to remove common defects that appear on both new and used vehicles such as swirls, bird dropping marking, scratches, holograms etc with the use of both rotary and dual action polishing machines.

This training on this course focuses on car care and not car repair, therefore the techniques shown on the day will show the benefits of removing minimal amounts of the protective upper layers to remove swirl marks and unsightly blemishes, guaranteed to transform the vehicles appearance without compromising the important UV layers.

To make sure all delegates leave with the knowledge and experience to carry out all tasks involved, we cover the following subjects in detail:

  • An Introduction into Paint – The layers, the thickness and the limitaions of correction.
  • The Preparation – The importance and how to prepare prior to rectification.
  • The Equipment – What is needed to complete a major clear coat correction.
  • The Practical – Hands on, practical experience using both rotary and dual action orbital machines on a vehicle to give real world experience.
  • Protection – Finishing by sealing the paintwork from the elements for up to 12 months with Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating
  • The course is available exclusively at The Autoglym Academy at our Letchworth HQ, and on succesful completion, delegates will receive a certifcate of competence.

The course is £300 plus VAT per person, which is exceptional value for money.

If you would like to attend our new course, please call Customer Services on 01462 688528 or email [email protected]

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