Autoglym have consistently formulated superior car care protection for vehicles in the UK and around the world since 1965.

Carbon Shield Coating is a complete vehicle protection system delivered by Autoglym, applied by professionals.

The three-part system provides molecular protective barriers to upholstery, paintwork and glass that can withstand whatever your life’s journey throws at them, ensuring a lifetime of protection and peace of mind.

Now with CeraFuse™ Technology, Autoglym paint protection is our latest and most advanced formula yet. Combining reactive silicone and molecular bonding to create a durable and resilient ceramic barrier for a lifetime of flawless shine and superior protection.


You’ll receive a lifetime guarantee once your vehicle has been professionally treated with Autoglym CeraFuse™ Technology, provided your vehicle is maintained following the maintenance guidelines provided with your Aftercare Collection.


We’re confident that you’ll keep that showroom finish when you choose Autoglym , that’s why we offer a Lifetime Guarantee, that protects you for the complete ownership of the vehicle.