Six super stars for those going large

If you’ve been thinking about making the move to Autoglym Professional but aren’t sure where to start – here are 6 super, 5L products that I reckon you’ll love. They each have a role to play in vehicle cleaning and protecting, with products to suit interior and exterior surfaces. This is not a comprehensive list, I have purposely kept it short, but crucially there is all you need here to clean a vehicle inside and out…

Starting off, as I always do with wheels, is the rather splendid Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner. This high-foaming, acid-free wheel and tyre cleaner is a true hero of the Autoglym Professional range and powers through dirt and grime to leave gleaming wheels and tyres. It can be used neat for the filthy jobs or diluted 1:3 for wheels with a regular level of dirt. Unlike some other trade wheel cleaners, this is actually pleasant to use, effective but without a choking odour.

Moving onto the pre-spray stage, I have selected an often overlooked product, Multiwash TFR. Apply this to the lower half of vehicles and allow to dwell before pressure washing off and watch the dirt disappear. Don’t let the TFR in the title scare you off, this is a cleaner with grunt, yes, but it is gentle enough to be used on interior surfaces too. In fact, it is not so much a TFR as an APC. You will find a multitude of uses for Multiwash, from engines and bodywork to interiors and even engines. Safe and super economical, it is a reliable product that delivers.

Now for the main wash and I have chosen a real peach of a shampoo. Car Shampoo Super Strength is a 5L concentrate that delivers 500 buckets of shampoo. Yep, you read that right, with this tiny pack you can wash more vehicles than with even 25L of some shampoos. Not only is this good for the planet (less packaging and all that) but it won’t take up a lot of room in the shed/detailing van, leaving you loads of room for fun toys and gadgets like swirl spotters and paint depth gauges. As you would expect, Car Shampoo Super Strength is a super cleaner, has loads of foam, and is easy to rinse away. The purchase price might raise an eyebrow, but just remember you are getting 500 car washes, try it, you’ll love it.

With the exterior clean complete its time to seal the exterior bodywork and glass and that is where Coat-It comes in to play. This simple to use spray on, rinse off coating is ideal for vehicles of any size, because it takes no time and next to no effort. Just add 40ml to a foam gun, top up with 200ml water and spray all over a car, then rinse off with the pressure washer – done! It’ll bead like nobodies’ business and the shine and gloss will make people think you’ve polished it. Also great for vans, campervans, trucks, tractors, or anything else you want to protect, add gloss to and water repellency – just add more Coat-it for bigger jobs. Theres 125 cars worth in a 5L pack, and although many have tried to imitate it – there is only one Coat-It.

Many moons ago, when learning how to Professionally clean vehicles, the importance of clean wheels and windows was driven home to me by the Autoglym Technical Services Team, and it is a rule I have followed ever since. A wheel face may be clean, but it is never complete until the rubber that surrounds it is deep, dark, and rich following an application of Rubber Plus Cleaner. This is hands down, without a doubt, the best tyre dressing I have eve used, and one that people stick with for years, because there simply is nothing better.

The final task is always windows, and for that I would recommend Window Clean. Spray and wipe for a smear free, no hassle finish. Not only is it great for glass, but it will return mirrors, Perspex, and tinted window film back to clean in a matter of moments.

So, there you are, six super 5L products to clean a vehicle inside and out. All are tried and tested fan-favourites, and even if you just pick up one of these, I am certain you will love it.

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