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Shampoo Conditioner

Rs. 5,500

Size – 1Ltr | Concentrated low foaming shampoo with rinse aid

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Concentrated low foaming shampoo with rinse aid


2 in 1 formulation: low foaming shampoo that contains a rinse aid to improve drying time

Leaves a glossy water repellent finish

Attractive fragrance

Safe pH neutral formulation

Easily removes traffic film and dirt

Highly concentrated



2 in 1 formulation offers maximum value for money

Imparts a glossy finish without the need for additional polishes and waxes

Ease of use speeds up valeting process

Fragrance enhances customer experience

pH neutral formulation minimises risk of damage to vehicle

Highly concentrated to maximise profitability


IMPORTANT: For Professional Use Only


1. Shake well. Dilute using 1 part Shampoo Conditioner to approximately 250 parts clean water.

2. Sponge onto the bodywork starting from the top and working downwards to ensure dirt is removed efficiently. Try not to let the solution dry onto the bodywork.

3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.