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Hyper Fresh – Pampero Passion

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Size – 450ml | South American inspired passion fruit and guava air freshener.

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South American inspired passion fruit and guava air freshener.


Quick to use
One spray application
Passion Fruit and Guava scent
Long-lasting fragrance
Aerosol application
Available in a variety of fragrances


Ease of use speeds up valeting process improving profitability
Tailor the customer experience with a range of Hyper Fresh fragrances
The perfect finishing touch to enhance your customers’ experience

IMPORTANT: For Professional Use Only


1. Shake well. Apply a short spray (maximum two seconds) directed into the central area of the vehicle.

2. Allow 30 seconds for fragrance to disperse before entering the treated vehicle.

3. Remove overspray from non-absorbent surfaces with a damp cloth.